Yacht Engineer Training Course for Merchant Engineers

Are you dreaming to become a part of the yachting industry?

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Being a Yacht Engineer is a real profession! The needed skills are best learned from real experience on yacht. Standard theoretical courses do not give you enough knowledge that you need to feel confident and succeed in yacht industry!

Maximus Academy specialists have developed a unique SYSTEM OF EDUCATION, whose theoretical and practical classes take place directly on a real yacht during a week, which will give you the opportunity to really explore and learn and to find your dream job on a yacht!

We will show, tell and teach you:


Yacht Engineer


6 days


  • Entry into the yachting industry
  • Difference between yachts and ships
  • Etiquette and subordination on board
  • Main duties and responsibilities of solo engineer
    Engine room
    Maintenance of the engine room
  • Yacht propulsion systems
  • Power generation
  • Air conditioning
  • Water production
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Toilettes
  • AV and IT
  • Knots, Fenders and mooring lines
    Tender and toys


Theory, practice on board a yacht and exam


Yacht Engineer

You go through the entire course of theory training on an actual yacht where you can improve your knowledge in creating a beautiful and good atmosphere for the owners, guests and crew and really learn how to set the right priorities in your work.

At the end of the training, the candidate receives certificate by the internationally recognized quality certificate ISO9001: 2015 BUREAU VERITAS, UKAS

Believe in yourself, step into your future now!

Welcome in Maximus Academy!


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