Deckhand- Steward

You are a Deckhand but want to expand your knowledge? Become a professional Deckhand-Steward!

The specialists of the MMAXIMUS Yacht Hospitality Academy have developed a proven and unique MODULS «ALL INCLUSIVE» without dividing the program in levels, which will give you the opportunity to immediately get a high level of knowledge. What makes our program unique; the practical lessons are held real time and directly on an actual operating yacht during a week, that will provide you with the opportunity to acquire all necessaire skills for working in the yachting industry! 

Welcome to Yacht Hospitality Academy! 

What our Training Program will provide to you: 

You will become a confident professional at providing service to the yacht industry, working on a yacht you will have the opportunity to see the world and immerse yourself in a very interesting colorful life in full support, where you will do your favorite job and at the same time make a good salary. 

We will show, tell and teach you:




5 days


• Etiquette of communication with the crew, owners and their guests
• The role of the steward on the yacht
• Duties of a steward
• Service types: American, Russian, silver service
• Differences between service levels from 0-3 * from 3-5 * and from 5-7 *
• Serving: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
• Serving drinks: tea, coffee, cocktails, water and wine
• Cleaning of cabins, general areas, bathrooms and saloons
• Washing clothes for guests and crew the correct way
• How to iron, fold and hang clothes and linens
• How to care for, clean and preserve different surfaces
• How to use cleaning products correctly
• Yacht safety rules and safety equipment


Theory, practice on board a yacht and exam




STWC, ENG1 (please contact us for further assistance)

We carry out our training in 2 stages directly on the yacht:

  • Theory — we will teach you what and how to do, how to behave but also what not to do.
  • Practice — you go through the entire theoretical training program and put it to practice on an actual yacht where you can immerse yourself and start getting a feel the atmosphere of yachting life, the work on board and understand how interesting it is to create beauty and what kind of world and people will surround you.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive the internationally recognized quality certificate ISO9001: 2015 BUREAU VERITAS

Believe in yourself, take the ultimate step towards a wonderful future and your dream job! 

Welcome to Yacht Hospitality Academy!

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