Hotel and restaurant staff

Are you dreaming of becoming a part of the HOTEL AND RESTAURANT INDUSTRY and starting your career in the service sector?

The specialists of the MMAXIMUS Yacht Hospitality Academy have developed a unique ‘ALL INCLUSIVE’ TRAINING PROGRAM without dividing the program into levels. This will give you the opportunity to immediately get a high level of knowledge and confidence. The uniqueness of our program lies in the fact that practical training are held directly in an actual hotel and restaurant complex, which will give you the opportunity to acquire all the necessary skills to work in high class residence, 5*hotels and star restaurants around the world.

Welcome to Yacht Hospitality Academy! 

What our program will do for you: 
You will become a professional at providing service in the hospitality industry, working there you will have the opportunity to see the world and immerse yourself in a very interesting life where you will not only do your favorite job but at the same time receive a good salary. 

We will tell, show and teach you:




8 days


What is life and work in the hotel and restaurant industry all about
• Etiquette of communication with guests and other staff
• Your position and its importance
• How you should look, your appearance
• Duties
• Types of service: American, Russian, silver service and a la carte
• Differences between service levels from 0-3 * from 3-5 * and from 5-7 *
• Serving: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
• Serving drinks: tea, coffee, cocktails, water and wine
• Floristics and decor
• Cleaning of (bath)rooms and suites
• Washing of guests' clothes
• How to iron, fold clothes and linens correctly
• How to care for different surfaces
• How to use cleaning agents correctly
• Safety regulations 


Theory, practice on-site at hotel or restaurant and exam


Hotel and Restaurant Staff


Travel passport


We conduct our training in 2 stages during the week

Theory — we will teach you what and how to do, how to behave and what not to do

Practice — you go through the entire training course in a real restaurant and hotel complex where you can immerse yourself and feel the working atmosphere of actually working and understanding how interesting it is to create class and beauty and what kind of world surrounds you.

Guaranteed employment in the best high-class residences, 5* hotels and star restaurants around the world.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive the internationally recognized quality certificate ISO9001: 2015 BUREAU VERITAS


Believe in yourself, take a step towards a wonderful future and your dream job!

Welcome to Yacht Hospitality Academy!

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