Chief Stewardess

So, you are a professional already but you want to raise your knowledge level even further and become a certificated Chief Stewardess?

Welcome to Yacht Hospitality Academy!

The specialists of the MMAXIMUS Yacht Hospitality Academy have developed a unique TRAINING PROGRAM «ALL INCLUSIVE» without dividing the program on levels, which will give you the opportunity to immediately improve your knowledge to acquire the qualification and skills needed for working on yachts at the position of CHIEF STEWARDESS!

 What our Yacht Hospitality Academy will provide:

Improve your qualifications for the position of Chief Stewardess, which will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your skills for working on yachts. You will become a real professional, confident and knowledgeable in giving service to the yacht industry.

We will tell, show and teach you:


8 days


• Chief Stewardess: responsibilities, appearance and etiquette
• Documentation on provisions
• Documentation on check-lists, how to make and use them
• Managing of stewardesses and their daily activities / duties
• Features of documentation for private and commercial yachts,
• Profile study of guests for standardization of individuality,
• How to correctly do inventory by classification and location
• Service types: American, Russian and Silver Service
• Explanation of service levels from 0-3 * from 3-5 * and from 5-7 *
• Serving: breakfast, lunch, dinner
• Correct serving of drinks
• Correct serving of snacks
• Decor and Floristics
• Cigars


Theory in our classroom, practice on board a yacht and exam




SOLO/SERVICE STEWARDESS experience/certificate

You go through the entire course of theory training on an actual yacht where you can improve your knowledge in creating a beautiful and cozy atmosphere for the owners, guests and crew and really learn how to set the right priorities in your work.

Welcome to our Yacht Hospitality Academy!

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